The Warner Edwards Garden

Tom and Tina, founders of Warner Edwards asked Kate Savill and I to design a garden that could tell the story of Falls Farm, home to their artisan gin distillery in Harrington. They only use natural flavours in their gin and take inspiration from their botanical garden and the surrounding Northamptonshire countryside. Key flavours for us to include in the garden were Elderflower, Sloe, Lemon Balm, Rhubarb and pollinator friendly planting to link to their honey bee gin, apiary and conservation work. Other botanicals include wild rose, coriander, borage and wild strawberry to name but a few. The grass bank illustrates the remains of a medieval terraced garden called ‘The Falls’ which gives the farm its name and is now used as grazing for the farms cattle. Our water feature and use of local stone represents the village of Harrington, said to be built on rocks and water, the natural spring water on the farm is used in the distillation process. The seating and contemporary waters edge uses copper to represent the two stills on the farm and the importance of the metal in distilling gin. All of these details combine together to create a relaxing space to enjoy a gin and tonic at th